Italy – Carrara and Lucca

From Cinque Terre we travelled to Pisa, but on the way got ‘lost’ in Carrara and jumped over for a couple hours in Lucca. Driving south on the Autostrata Azzurra (A12) we noticed an unusual formation on the mountains to the east that we hadn’t noticed before. The peaks were white and it wasn’t snow. Fortunately we were driving ourselves so decided, what the heck, let’s take the first road east to see what we can see. It was an interesting drive and ultimately led us through the town of Carrara and up the winding mountain road of Via Martiri, past the little town of Bedizzano and closer to the ‘white’ peaks.


A few curves after Bedizzano we came across the most unusual sight – bunches of marble sculptures, some finished and some not, strewn about a side road and up the side of the mountain. We never found out how they got there but guess they were rejects of a sculpture nearby sculpture workshop. Spent about an hour wandering around this impromptu outdoor museum.


A little further up the road came across a souvenir store filled with all sorts of marble creations, and this is where we found out these came from the Carrara Quarry that we now could see, the same place that Michelangelo got the marble to carve the “David” 500 years ago.


Close-up views of the white ‘peaks’ we had seen from below – pure marble.


We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening within the walled old city of Lucca.


Locals playing soccer outside of wall


Inside the city – tending to her garden


Passageway opens up to Piazza dell’Anfiteatro


Reconstruction of the 2nd century Roman amphitheater illustrates use of different materials scavenged from the area.


Locked up so can’t be carried away by thieves


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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