We love to visit each city’s art museum. They’re good places to get a feel for the local culture and, hopefully, be surprised by some unexpected visual delight. We’ve loved museums in New York, Madrid, Ft. Worth, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Rome and others. The High Museum of Art in Atlanta is a real gem, both inside and out. It contains a collection of contemporary and traditional pieces, plus wonderful structures on the patios outside. Plus, the building architecture is wonderfully photogenic. Enjoy our images in and around the museum below.       So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to sayRead More →

The first time we drove into downtown Atlanta it was on a Sunday and kind of a gray day. We drove through the old downtown area and it was a little depressing, somewhat deserted and didn’t look very walkable. So not too impressed. A couple days later drove back to see the Inman Park festival. Took awhile to find any place within walking distance to park, but did enjoy seeing some of the older homes and architecture. The festival itself not too impressive. Next time drove into town to see the High Museum of Art and were very impressed (see the next post). Did walkRead More →

It’s not easy to find an RV park close in to any major metropolitan area in the East. Fortunately there is a beautiful park in Stone Mountain State Park just outside of Atlanta. We made that our base of operations while in the Atlanta area. Being spring, we had a bit of rain each day, but not enough to alter any of our plans for seeing the area. And also being spring, there was lush greenery everywhere. Stone Mountain is a large quartz monzonite dome East of Atlanta, famous for the enormous carving of Confederate generals Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. StoneRead More →