Of course, piazza San Marco is the centerpiece of Venice and the largest. But we were charmed to stumble across so many other ‘neighborhood’ campis while exploring the many passageways throughout Venice.   Piazza di San Marco with the Campanile and the Basilica di San Marco after a short cloudburst, which fortunately cleared most the tourists off the piazza.   Preparing for dinner   The upper floor columns of the Procuratie Vecchie on the Piazza di San Marco, home today to shops and restaurants.   Pigeons rule the piazza and captivate the tourists.   Although there are scammers wandering around – they’ll throw a handfulRead More →

Our first time in Italy. Our daughter, Michelle, ‘Mitch’ had a scheduled event in Rome towards the end of May, 2016, so Grima and I decided it was time we did Italy. We headed over there the last week of April to give us time to see some of the country before winding up in Rome. Our schedule: fly into Venice, rent a car, do Venice, then Verona, then Modena (to visit with a childhood friend of Grima’s from Chile), onto Cinque Terre, down to Tuscany, up to Florence and finally down to Rome. An ambitious plan for the 30 days there. So, our firstRead More →