Budapest and Johannesburg

Michelle works for World Ventures, where she goes all over the world training volunteers to be special ambassadors at events put on by World Ventures for its members. While staying in Argyle with Mitch and Andrew, Grima took advantage to accompany Mitch on one of her training trips to Budapest, Hungary and then to Johannesburg, South Africa. Of interest – Budapest was just coming out of Winter, and Johannesburg was just coming out of Summer.


They stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest, with a stunning view across the Danube River of the Buda Castle, home of the Hungarian national Art Gallery, History Museum and National Library (for more info check out

They took a hop-on hop-off tour of Budapest before the WV meetings to get a little feel of the City and took a few snapshots.

View of the Danube River, which runs North to South through the city.


One of the city’s many squares



 Of course, had to get some pictures of the exotic international cuisine offered in Hungary.




From Budapest, they flew to Johannesburg, South Africa where they stayed at the Hilton in Santon, a community just north of Johannesburg.


View from their hotel window.


They had a day to go to a local preserve to interact with the animals.






So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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