Chile – Viña del Mar

The beach dominates much of Viña’s life – both in terms of tourism and attitude. High rises front the coast along Calles San Martin and Jorge Montt. The city has done a magnificent job developing the beaches with beautiful stretches of parks with biking and walking paths along the entire stretch from Muelle Vergara to the amphitheater at Playa Marineros, enticing locals and tourists to come out and enjoy.


Graffiti adorns concrete blocks buttressing Muelle Vergara


High rise apartment buildings overlook Playa El Sol’s sand and sun seekers.


The sign says “Beach not suitable for swimming” – but the water’s too alluring


The beach is for lovers…


and selfies


and jumpers


and musicians (do apologize, didn’t get specific information from this performer on the instrument, but reminds me either of the ‘alpenhorn’ in the Ricola commercial, or the Australian ‘didgeridoo’ – but he was good at it).


For New Year’s 2000 we were in Viña and stayed on the 12th floor of this apartment building, a real vertigo experience with windows that went from floor to ceiling.


Couldn’t pass up this impressive sand sculpture


Heading north out of town one passes more ocean-front apartment buildings and impressive rocky coastal scenes.


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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