Cypress Trees Hillsborough River, Tampa, FL

We were driving around Tampa one dreary day in early January when, crossing a river I looked to the right and saw forests of cypress trees. Immediately looked where we could park off this busy road. Turned right into the Florida College campus and found parking close to the road and river. There was a walkway at the edge of the road crossing the river on the Bob Woodard Bridge where I could get the best view of the water and the trees. This was my first, up-close look at these wonderful trees with trunks widening as they entered the dark, murky water. It felt like I was looking into some kind of enchanted, dark forest.


If you look closely, you can barely see what looks like a snake skimming through the water. I initially thought this but later found out it was an¬†Anhinga (, a type of water bird native to this area. But the first sight of it gave me the chills as I wasn’t sure how big was that ‘snake’ in the water.



So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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