Chile – Farellones, La Parva, El Colorado

January is generally a good time to visit a ski resort. But when in Chile, only if you aren’t interested in skiing, as January is the middle of summer. But it’s an interesting drive, winding your way up a maze of switchbacks to the top of the Andes. The village of Farellones lies about 38 km from Santiago, with La Parva Ski Resort just a little ways up the mountain and El Colorado a bit to the South.



This isn’t my bike, but wish I could have gone up on one.
Magnificent views.


High up in the Andes looking toward Argentina


La Parva as seen from Farellones.


Waiting for the winter snows.


Turn around and see the Swiss style condos at the bottom of the lift – vacant at this time of the year. In reality, the whole place seemed like a ghost town.


El Colorado in the distance.


Farellones as seen from La Parva


View on the way down, into the sunset


Small bands of wild horses roam the hillsides


I’m on my way down, they’re on the way up. Cycling is very popular in Chile


Breaking earthly bonds
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