Tampa Florida – Gasparilla Festival Pirate Invasion

We were lucky to be in Tampa during the Gasparilla Festival before departing for the Miami Everglades. We were also lucky to have a neighbor in the Tampa East RV park who also worked part time with the Tampa police force. He was able to get us parking close to the convention center so it was a short walk along West Platt Street for good views of the incoming invasion. What a sight – hundreds of watercraft in Seddon Channel escorting an amazing pirate ship filled to the top sails with pirates. It took a good amount of time from our first sight of the pirate ship to its docking, but what a spectacle. For a good description of events check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasparilla_Pirate_Festival, then come back here to view our images.



So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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