Italy – Venice and its People

I’m a people watcher, and it’s especially interesting when traveling to come across folks that represent the area we’re in. Here are some of the folks that caught my attention in Venice.


On our very first Vaporito ride from the parking garage to Piazza San Marco, spotted this lovely lady and immediately felt transported back to what I imagined it was like in ‘Movies’ Venice. Shades of Audrey Hepburn.


I’m always curious about oddities that may make an interesting image so spotted a rusted pipe with little spikes coming out, so spent some time doing some close-ups. This fellow was watching what I was doing and, for some reason, thought it was just hilarious. Quick turn of the camera to catch his reaction.


Standing above the crowd – comes in handy to get the shot.


What does a gondolier do on break? Nuf said.


But when working, they work hard, even in the rain.


Later in the day, same fellow passed us in another part of town.


Musicians at Caff√® Florian on Piazza San Marco – now that’s showing some international class.


Once you get a little further away from the main tourist areas, eateries become more authentic to the local culture and the wait staff are a little more chattier. And prices come down from the stratosphere.


And, of course, pizza everywhere. And we went through a lot of pizza.


Venetians? No… but when in Venice. They’re fashion models doing a location shoot.


But this fellow was certainly a local. If I were to cast a character for an Italian movie, he’d be at the top of my list.


While wandering through the passageways and squares of Venice, taking pictures of one thing or another, looked up and spotted this gal watching us.


We must have passed a dozen school groups touring Venice. This girl was with one of the groups. Loved the way she was swinging her umbrellas as she marched by, like a little soldier.


Kids will create their own playgrounds wherever they are.


Now thatsa fresh pasta


Touring can be exhausting


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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