Italy – Venice Potpourri

A selection of images from Venice that don’t really fit in any neat category.


Yep, I actually was there. lugging the D810 around


Grima on the Grand Canal


Up Close


Shop window near Piazza San Marco.


Every time we say laundry hanging out Grima would ask me to take a picture. Ok, here’s one. It is interesting to note, though, that, while almost everyone has a washer, very few have dryers – and we’ve noticed this in most every country we’ve traveled to. Dryers are a U.S. thing, I guess. Sure glad we have one in the RV.


One of the many, many, many passageways we walked in Venice.


Repubblica Veneta banners hanging over this passageway.


Just loved seeing all the outdoor tables almost wherever we went, even though it would rain almost every day – but the rain would come and go, no long term drizzle.


Sun comes out, tables and chairs filled.


A different view of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.


It never ceased to amaze me to think that most of these buildings are hundreds of years old and set in water and still are standing.


Forgot the name of this hotel, but took the picture for the chandelier.


We stayed on the mainland at the Hotel Villa Odino in Quarto d’Altino Venezia – we had a rental car so it was only a 20 minute drive to Venice. Of all the hotels we stayed in during our Italy trip, this was, by far, the best. Beautiful room, outstanding family owners and staff, and the best breakfast buffer EVER!


Each day we’d drive into Venice and park in the Tronchetto parking garage, then walk to the ferry stop. And each day we’d see this fellow. Then we’d see people throw bottles of water at him. Weren’t sure what was going on until we saw what he did with the bottle. He’d grab the top and swing it back and forth wildly until the cap came off, then he’d lift it up and drink the water. I should have taken a video.


Can’t go to Venice without the obligatory gondola pictures.



Wine, anyone? The Grand Canal carries a lot more than just gondolas.


Pasta anyone? Had never known about Erotic and sexy pasta.


Leaning on one of the approximately 230 or so wells located throughout Venice. Although not functional today as the primary fresh water source for Venitians, many do have faucets where one can fill an empty water bottle.


Took this while on the ferry to Murano, going under one of the bridges over the Rio di Noale. I thought cell phone use in the U.S. was bad, but Italians…


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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