Chile – Caleta Horcón

Horcón lies 43 kilometers north of Viña del Mar. If you drive to the end of the avenida Principal you’ll find yourself at one of the most picturesque coves in Chile – Caleta Horcón. On warm summer days, the small beach is littered with sunbathers intermixed with old, colorful fishing boats. Lining the beach are a host of restaurants featuring typical Chilean seafood and other delicacies.



Restaurant row


Beachgoers among the fishing boats


Ad hoc wiring – seems to work


Beach cacti


At the south end of the cove is the “Puente de los Deseos” (Bridge of Desires), adorned with colored ribbons, which, according to locals, was constructed by local artisans to commemorate the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” allowing visitors to profess their love with the following promise: “With this ribbon I tie my life to yours, I promise to love you, take care of you and respect you, be the sun our father and the sea witness of our love”. (


A popular spot for college outings


Marvelous seaside formations


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