Chile – Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve

The Huilo Huilo Natural Reserve covers about 120,000 acres in central Southern Chile in a region known as the Seven Lakes. The reserve, a private ecotourism enterprise, was created in 1999. This was the last location on our day trip from Pucon, Chile, and it was a magical experience. We spent a few hours wandering along the paths around the Nothofagus Hotel, passing amazing waterfalls and through beautiful forests.



Hiking through the woods with Silvia and Victor in front, Canaan and Grima in middle and Andrew and Michelle taking up the rear.


Jon Wilhelmsen


Andrew and Michelle Blackford


Grima Wilhelmsen, with grandson Canaan


Victor Farías N.




Wonderful waterfalls






The venomous Chilean Recluse spider builds these irregular webs. When I first came across it I thought perhaps it was a spider on LSD or with a terrible hang-over.


Michelle among the wildflowers


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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