Chile – Pomaire

About an hour West of Santiago lies the small town of Pomaire, Chile, known for its ceramic pottery and surrounding hills covered by avocado trees. We went on a weekend with Grima’s Brother, Raul, and his wife, Gloria. Seemed like the whole city of Santiago had decided to weekend there. I remember the first time I went there back in the 60’s – streets weren’t paved, hardly a soul around, but still great pottery. It’s grown somewhat from that time, but if you walk a block or two off the main drag you’ll see the more authentic town that has been around for quite some time.


Some of the pottery shops and their proprieters.


Even in small town Chile the teen cell phone addiction rules


The Chilean cowboy is called a ‘huaso’ (pronounced wahso). There’s a whole culture that goes with the huaso lifestyle, including elaborate vestiments and adornments. However, as in the US, the daily dress of the cowboy is the hat. In Chile, huasos wear the flat-brimmed hat shown in these couple images.




Very envious of the bougainvillea that grows in temperate Chile.


Avocado trees climb the hill at the end of the main street.


I very much enjoy the patterns and textures found when patching adobe walls or old walls.


Check out a very interesting article on the history of Pomaire at


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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