Chile – Temuco

Temuco is the center of the region known as ‘La Araucania”, the base of the Mapuche indigenous culture in South America. Victor and Silvia have lived there for over 40 years and were they raised their family. We stayed with them in their apartment in Temuco and also in their house in Pucon, at the base of the Villarrica Volcano.


Volcano Villaricca as seen from the tourist town of Pucon, Chile. This is one of the volcanoes that erupted a month after we returned to the US.


The apartment building in Temuco where Victor and Silvia live. We stayed with them for a night while visiting with Michelle and Andrew.


Inside the Temuco market shopping for souvenirs.



Michelle showing off poncho for a friend back home.


Grima and Canaan trying out a mouth organ in one of the shops at the Temuco market.


Michelle showing World Ventures sign “You Should Be Here” by the Monument to the Araucania in the Temuco central plaza.


On the central Temuco Plaza with Victor in front of one of the buildings that he built during his contractor career.


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.


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