Chile – Family

Prior to Michelle and Andrew’s departure from Chile. we all got together with family at the house of our nephew, Mauricio. Mauricio and his wife, Nicole, had returned the previous year from a stint in the US while attending Stanford. Mauricio received his doctorate Nicole her Masters.  I remember vividly a previous trip to Chile where I helped Mauro with the application process to get into Stanford. It was very gratifying when he was accepted into the program and came to California, just a short drive from out home in Roseville. This was a chance for most of the family to reconnect with Michelle and meet her new family in Andrew and Canaan. Even though the party was in December, it was nice and warm as December in Chile is the start of summer.


L-R: Jorge Andres, Grima, Maria Jesus, Ana Maria, Sara, Victor, Licho, Michelle, Canaan, Andrew


Maria Jesus (Jorge Andres’ daughter) playing a game with Esperanza and Javi (Mauro’s son and daughter)


Javiera (Victor’s daughter) with son, Raimundo, Canaan, Andrew, Michelle and Javi


Cata (Victor’s daughter) eyeing something in the drink with Jorge, Licho and Victor in background.


Mauricio – what can I say?


Victor (Pitin), a toast…


Victor and Siliva with grandson, Rai


Jorge with wife, Ana Maria


Grima’s mom, Sara, with great grandson Rai


Brothers Raul, Hector (Licho), Jorge and Victor (Pitin) with Grima. A little photo-bombing going on.


Cousins Jovi, Cata, Michelle (Mitch) and Javiera


Cousins Max, Jorge Andres, Daniel and Mauro with Andrew


The whole group of cousins (missing a few – Jeric, Daniela, Christian, Orlando, Victor and Raul)


“y porqueeee?” (inside joke)


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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