Chile – Arrival

For those of you new to us, I met my wife, Grimaneza (“Grima”), in Chile in 1966. I was a newly minted Mormon missionary. Unknown to her, I wrote in my diary about 3 months later that she’d be my wife. Funny how things turn out. (Don’t you think we were cuties back then?).


Our daughter, Michelle (“Mitch”), relatively newly married to hubby, Andrew, had wanted to take him and Andrew’s son, Canaan, to Chile to introduce them to her mother’s side of the family and show them around that beautiful land. As Grima was retiring in November 2014, we thought it would be wonderful to accompany them. Our retirement plans included renting our home and traveling the country in an RV, So what better way then to first RV to Texas, join up with Mitch, Andrew and Canaan and head to Chile (December being summer there). They would have just 10 days to see the country, we took a more leisurely 3 months.


The first thing you do when you arrive to Chile is eat. Enjoying dessert after a good meal at Grima’s brother Jorge’s home. That’s Mitch wondering where her cake is, hubby, Andrew to her right and son Canaan.


Of course, flight fatigue wiped out Canaan and Jorge enjoyed his after dinner nap.


Renting a car is very expensive in Chile so we decided to purchase a used car and resell it when we left for what we paid minus a little depreciation. Didn’t turn out that way, but that’s another story. Got a flat the first day and took us over an hour just to get the wheel off. Buyer’s regrets, but fortunately the car performed without problems the rest of the trip.


Seven years ago Grima and I visited a unique condominium development called San Alfonso del Mar, located on the coast in the town of Algorrobo. It’s unique in that it has the largest man-made lagoon in the world We were able to tour ¬†some of the condos and go down on the man-made beach. This time we got there and as everything was sold they wouldn’t let us enter. But being the innovators we are, we found a way around the backside and, with Grima & Mitch’s charisma, charmed the local guard into letting us inside for a better peek at the lagoon.

So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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