Abita Springs And Covington, Louisiana

Our first week in New Orleans was not much as we spent most of the time in the RV – rained almost every day. The second week we drove around Lake Pontchartrain (didn’t take the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway as it’s a toll bridge and quite expensive for RV’s – plus there’s a section that rises quite steeply and I was a little nervous to take the ‘Bagel Bagel’ over it). Our destination was the Abita Springs Resort and RV Park, a membership park. We had received an ‘invite’ to try it out free for 4 days, so decided to take them up on the offer. OK place but a little isolated. Abita Springs is a small town with no stoplight, so not much to see.



We parked under pine trees – unfortunately, as there were squirrels knocking pine cones off directly overhead, so every so often we’d hear a clunk on the roof. Took us a bit to figure out what was going on.


There’s a nice pond and some pretty homely ducks (I believe they’re Red-faced Muscovy Ducks), but very friendly. Grima enticed them over with a trail of bread crumbs. But then we couldn’t get rid of them.


The Southeast has wonderful skies with big, billowing clouds that make great reflections on a still pond.


Took an afternoon to drive to Covington, a little bigger town with a little more to see. This was our first real encounter with hanging tree moss – looked like right out of those movie thrillers.


Walked by St. Cecilia’s House on the corner of E. Independence St. and N. New Hampshire St.


Strolled down toward the Bogue Falaya River at the end of N. Columbia St. and found this interesting structure.


With all the rain, the river was overflowing its banks a little bit. Give some nice reflections with the trees and all.


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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