Chile – Michelle, Andrew and Canaan Last Day

After a whirlwind trip we came to the final day in Chile for Michelle, Andrew and Canaan. The flight left close to midnight giving us time to do a little more exploring around Santiago. We took them to the Costanera Center in Providencia, an upscale community of Santiago. It’s the largest shopping mall in South America. From there we went to the Parque Bicentenario just a little ways away in the community of Vitacura. A wonderful way to relax in the summer sun and a beautiful end to their trip to Chile.


When I visited Chile in 2007 I took this picture of the construction site for the Costanera Center. It was gigantic. The construction would go on for another 5 years (pausing for the 2008 recession).


And here is the final product. Besides being the largest shopping mall in South America, the “Torre Santiago” is the tallest building in South America, topping out at 980 feet.



Andrew and Michelle enjoying the outdoor patio at the base of the tower.


Just a small part of the food court inside the mall.


When they say ‘World Famous’ they really mean it. By the way, the ‘.’ in the prices corresponds to the ‘,’ in US prices, so the price of a bun and coke is Two Thousand Seven Hundred pesos – about $4.40 US.


Christmas in Chile is in the summer, but they tend to emulate the northern hemisphere Christmas theme of winter, so all the decorations reflect that. It’s a little disconcerting when it’s so warm outside.


They even provide snow for the tree. They do it big in the largest mall in South America.


How about that Blue Santa suit?


Across the street from the mall huge building wrap advertising the local TV talent contest – shades of American Idol.


In Parque Bicentenario, Canaan, Andrew and Michelle


Built for kids of all ages




What better way to end the day before a long flight than on lawn chairs in a beautiful park in the summer!


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.

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