Italy – People of Verona

Italy – People of Verona

We were in Verona only a couple days. The second night we went to the old town and wandered up the Via Pellicciai to the Piazza Erbe, where we sat down for gelato on the Via Cappello. Had a wonderful time people watching.



The older couple window gazing…


The young couple stealing a kiss…


The family also enjoying their gelato


And the cell phones… God, the cell phones. Everywhere, and starting out young! Earlier in the day we sat down for lunch at a cozy outdoor cafe and a couple with their son and daughter sat down close by. For the half hour we lingered, not a sound from any of the four at the next table. There were four heads buried in their cell phones. A little sad commentary on contemporary Italian society.


Fortunately, there were others enjoying the piazza untethered to the ubiquitous device


So, more to come. Love to hear what you have to say about our travels.






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